What Are the Benefits of Self-Defense Classes for Children?

Self-defence classes can teach children many lessons while encouraging exercise. This guide shows the benefits of self-defence classes for children.

Our world continues to become a dangerous place, in both the physical and mental aspects. Children are among the most vulnerable due to one massive issue with bullying.

Bullying comes in various forms, whether physical, verbal, or social. It can happen anywhere at any time. To note, children get exposed to such behaviours as it can occur on campus, online, or in other forms.

Various issues can stem from bullying later down the line. These include issues on self-esteem and mental health.

So, how can we prepare the children? This is where self-defence classes for children come into play. Today, we will look at how martial arts for children teaches more than combat skills.

Focuses on Individual and Personal Growth

One of the benefits of martial arts is that it focuses on growth as a person. Compared to other sports, martial arts do not exactly hinge on team effort. The burden of “letting the team down” does not weigh heavily on them, especially with children.

Instead, it teaches children to focus on growing into better versions of themselves. The focus is on self-improvement. After all, when they step into the mat to try a grab or to practice kata or a strike, they can focus on executing the skill correctly.

It also does not have any pressure of competition among other kids. A lot of children struggle with this pressure. Instead of competing against each other, they aim towards achieving a new skill level.

Also, they work at their own pace, ensuring a natural learning process.

Teaches Gentle Solutions

Contrary to popular belief, teaching children self-defence does not make them violent or aggressive. Rather, it teaches them gentle solutions to rough play and bullying. A good self-defence system would emphasise the use of voice and non-violent measures to protect personal space.

Self-defence classes may teach specific skills. Thus noted in Muay-Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

While they learn these martial arts and the related techniques, it also teaches them when to use them. This involves the next benefit that children would learn.

Teaches Discipline and Respect

Self-defence classes for children instil two important aspects of self-improvement. One of them is self-discipline. The other aspect is respect, both in one’s self and in others.

Martial arts open up this avenue as it teaches accountability in one’s actions. It also teaches self-control as it tempers their patience and concentration.

As for discipline, the structured approach of each class opens up this avenue. In this case, the routines come in chunks.

Children also learn about how to show respect. They learn to do this as they show respect to their instructors and peers. While attending martial arts classes, one of the key tenets they learn here is respect in both themselves and in others.

To that extent, they also learn how to respect their family. It also teaches humility and honour.

Contrary to popular belief, martial arts classes do not teach them to be violent. Rather, self-defence classes teach students that fighting is a last resort.

Improvement Stemming Into Other Aspects of Life

Mentioned earlier is the aspect of self-improvement. This is not limited to learning and mastering techniques. Rather, it expands further towards the other aspects of life.

For children, this extends towards their academic performance where they gain a renewed focus and discipline in their studies. This also improves their behaviour through communication and non-violent resolution.

Their social skills improve as well, which stems from how it builds confidence. This leads us to the next part.

Builds Confidence

It may be Brazilian jiu-jitsu for kids. It could be Muay-Thai for kids. Either way, martial arts also instils confidence.

Learning new skills brings out the best in children, making them keen and eager. The good thing about this is that it boosts their self-esteem as they master new things.

The further you go with martial arts, the more challenging the lessons get. It also builds courage as they also learn how to stand up for themselves.

Helps Improve Physical Fitness and Coordination

Another aspect that you can look at is that it also gives children an avenue for physical fitness. Self-defence classes open up a lot of avenues for children to have a healthier body.

Among these exercises involve the improvement of gross and fine motor skills. They achieve this through the regimen of exercises they teach.

One of the aspects that children benefit from is their coordination. A number of exercises involve precision and movement.

This is the case for martial arts that involve striking. Deflecting blows and countering them involves the proper placement of blocks and parrying strikes.

Another aspect is how they improve their balance, flexibility, and strength. Some of the exercises involved in self-defence classes include stretches for better mobility. This helps coordinate in grapples and locks noted in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

There is also the aspect of endurance through cardiovascular exercises. As a whole, you have a well-rounded set of exercise routines that students take on. When they choose to push with self-defence classes, it also ensures that they have a strong and healthy body as they grow up.

Teaches Awareness of Danger

With self-defence, children also learn to use their senses to be capable of averting danger. They learn to use their eyes and ears to be aware of their surroundings. This is an aspect of self-defence classes that children get to hone and sharpen.

When children know themselves and the sources of danger around them, they have the best chance of staying safe.

Consider Self-Defence Classes for Children Today

Enrolling your kids in self-defence classes for children opens up possibilities for them. They learn to become better people as it builds up confidence and discipline. It also allows children to become healthy in both mind and body.

We offer such opportunities for children and also for adults. We offer classes and training programs in martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay-Thai, and mixed martial arts. You can contact us to sign up and join our classes today.