Top 7 Crucial Benefits of Women Taking a Self Defence Class

Knowing and practicing self defence offers many advantages for women. Here are the top 7 crucial benefits of women taking a self defence class.

In Australia in 2020 16% of all women have experienced some kind of violence at the hands of a partner in their own home.

For many women, this heart-breaking statistic has been going on since their childhood. Many cannot escape the circle of violence until they are old enough to leave home for good.

For this reason alone it is a good step for all women to consider taking a self defence class to learn how to defend themselves and escape from life-threatening situations.

By learning to defend yourself you will not only learn how to keep yourself safe but many other key skills and lessons about yourself that you may have not realised.

Take a look at our list to see what taking a self defence class could teach you.

1. Confidence

Taking a self-defence class can do great things for your inner feelings of self-worth and self-respect. These in turn will boost your confidence as you realise that you can do most things you set your mind to.

Feeling stronger in your mind and body will allow you to feel more confident in your everyday actions. You can carry this with you into your daily routine.

2. Discipline

The art of self defence or any martial art begins with its roots in self-discipline. First, you must be disciplined enough to attend your self defence classes regularly. You must be disciplined enough to ensure you learn the lessons you are taught. Regular practice is a requirement and discipline will play a part in ensuring you keep your skills honed.

Motivation is fleeting and is good for getting you started, but discipline is something that once mastered will stay with you forever. Self defence classes can help you find this hidden super power within yourself.

3. Fitness

It goes without saying that self-defence classes are physically active. You will learn how to move your body properly and how to counter and block attacks. You will become physically fitter simply by participating in the self-defence classes as you engage your body in new ways.

Self-defence classes will also teach you how to avoid getting hurt if you are attacked, increasing your chances of not having a life-threatening injury. Some injuries can plague your health for the rest of your life so it is best to learn how to avoid them altogether.

If you take this further and develop a love for learning a martial art then you will become fitter still. Martial arts require a blend of fitness skills including cardio and muscular development as well as focus and poise.

You will see positive changes in both your body and mind when you undertake the classes.

4. Balance

As well as growing your fitness skills you will also learn the art of balancing your body. Many of us have a poor centred of balance from years of not looking after our core strength. Test yourself now by standing on one leg and seeing how difficult it can be to remain centred without practice.

To be able to counter and block an attacker safely and effectively you need to be secure in your balance. If your centred of balance is misaligned you can be easily removed from your feet.

Self-defence classes will help you develop your core muscles and help you realign your centred of balance. This will not only help you be a better martial artist but also in all aspects of your daily life.

5. Protection

At its core self defence is about learning how to protect yourself and others. If you are a mother with children you can learn how to keep both yourself and your children safe from potential harm within your household.

Women may be considered the weaker sex with a smaller frame but that does not mean they can not learn how to overcome a bigger and stronger opponent. The art of self defence teaches you how to use an opponent's own strength and weight against them making it safe for you and others to escape.

The aim of self-defence class is not to learn how to overcome your opponent but rather to defend and to provide a means of escape. For a woman in a dangerous situation, this could mean the difference between life and death.

6. Values

Self-defence classes are not just for adult learners but for young women too. It is never too early to learn how to defend yourself in a dodgy situation or a worst-case scenario like a fight.

Doing so will teach a young woman an important set of values. She will learn about the importance of self-preservation, self-respect, and personal boundaries. All important lessons to learn in this modern age.

The martial arts instil a range of values in the learner as part of the process. Not just discipline and confidence but the sense of fraternity and a desire to help and protect other human beings. These are all valuable lessons for a young woman to learn.

7. Street Awareness

With so many modern distractions these days it can be easy to not be paying full attention when out and about.

With our mobile phones playing music to us or distracting us with calls and texts all day long it is easy to lose a sense of the world around you. This can be dangerous indeed as you will miss signs that you could be walking into a bad situation.

Self-defence classes will teach you to remain situationally aware of your surroundings. They will teach you how to notice problems that may become a greater issue if ignored. You will also learn how to spot the best way to exit a bad environment and avoid conflict altogether.

Find a Self Defense Class Near You

A good self defence class can teach you a range of new skills that you may not have even considered. You will learn a lot more about yourself and the sort of things you are capable of doing.

If this article has encouraged you that learning self defence class is the best route for you, why not take a look at our class timetable.