7 Reasons Adults Should Study Martial Arts in Brisbane

A great way to engage your kids in martial arts in Brisbane is to take classes yourself. Find out how studying martial arts benefits both adults and kids.

Are you looking for a new hobby to get into?

Martial arts have become a popular recreational activity throughout the years. It's also a popular source of entertainment, with over 1.3 million viewers tuning in to the UFC in the past year. If you're looking for something new to do with your time, consider joining a martial art sport.

There are various forms of martial arts for you to try, from Judo to Jujitsu and MMA. Over 3.6 million people practice at least one form of martial arts.

Wondering if you should join martial arts Brisbane classes? This article covers seven benefits of why you should study martial arts. Regardless of your age, you're sure to experience these benefits once you start.

1. Learn Self-Defense

One of the primary motivators for learning martial arts is self-defence. Many martial arts like Muay Thai aim to educate people about the best way to protect themselves. Also known as the Art of Eight Limbs, this sport teaches you how to use your knees, elbows, and shins.

One can learn the most effective punching and kicking techniques for self-defence. By learning these techniques, you can protect yourself from one or more attackers. Muay Thai teaches you how to use all your limbs during combat.

Muay Thai techniques are often fast and sudden. This allows you to end conflict early and diffuse bad situations.

2. Get a Full-Body Workout

Most martial arts classes follow the same format. A typical class will consist of warm-ups, practicing moves, and cool-downs. As you progress with your classes, you will also start sparring with your classmates.

Most of the session will cover warm-up activities and technical drills. Depending on the class you take, these activities may be more intense. This gets your blood pumping and increases the rush of adrenaline.

One of the reasons why martial arts is so popular is because it taps into your natural fight or flight response. Martial arts is a full aerobic exercise, allowing you to get a full workout. After a few sessions, you'll notice improvements in your physical fitness.

3. Improve Your Heart Health

As a result of your full-body workouts, your heart becomes stronger. Martial arts raise your heart rate, allowing your blood to oxygenate. If you're hoping to lose weight, this allows your body to burn calories even after the session.

Practicing martial arts can also help you lower your blood pressure. Consistent training helps enhances your heart's ability to pump blood. Even outside training, martial arts puts less strain on your heart while it pumps blood.

Since practicing martial arts help you lose weight, it also reduces LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is bad for your heart and is one of the primary contributors to heart disease. Working out shrinks these proteins and helps produce good HDL cholesterol.

4. Boost Your Self-Confidence

Like many other hobbies, practicing martial arts can boost your self-confidence. You become more confident in yourself as you continue to develop your skills. Consistent training allows you to see your progress for yourself.

You start to recognise your abilities and how capable you are at handling yourself. As a trainee, you start setting goals yourself and strive harder to achieve them. Completing your goals gives you a sense of fulfilment.

It allows you to focus on self-improvement. Instead of comparing yourself to other players, you begin to focus more on your skills. Don't feel discouraged if it's your first time learning a martial art.

Falling and failing is only a sign that you're learning. You learn to accept failure and accept it as part of growth. Martial arts takes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you to accept criticism.

5. Enhance Cognitive Function

Martial arts can help you improve your cognitive function. As you continue sparring with other players, your reaction time becomes faster. This is essential to blocking attacks and knowing the best time to strike.

Getting faster reflexes will not only help you during training. Faster reaction times can benefit you in regular daily activities, like driving. It also enhances your ability to concentrate.

Like karate and Judo, many martial arts require you to memorise a series of movements. You also learn to improve your flexibility. As a fighter, you need to have a strong base and stability.

You learn to coordinate yourself as you continue practicing several techniques. This helps you become an effective striker.

6. Find a Community

Many people who first enter a martial arts class feel intimidated. However, many martial arts facilities have a strong sense of community. You receive positive reinforcement from both your instructors and classmates.

Joining a class focused on self-improvement and skills offers a sense of community. You can make new life-long friends by joining a martial arts class. You learn to treat others with respect, regardless of their age or gender.

Often, martial arts communities begin to see each other as family. If you have a child of your own, let them join you! It becomes a crucial bonding experience.

7. Discipline and Values

Martial art is a physical expression of discipline. Continuous practice of specific and repetitive movements allows you to enhance your skill. This requires discipline to learn and continue pushing yourself to become better.

You become committed to training even if you don't feel motivated to. A martial arts class can also be an opportunity to cultivate life values. You learn crucial behaviours like humility, fairness, tolerance, and focus aside from discipline.

This is why many trainees and masters consider martial arts as not only a practice but a way of life. Many dojos and institutions follow strict philosophies of their practice. Remember, martial arts do not seek violence but justice and respect.

Why You Should Join Martial Arts Brisbane

Here are some of the benefits of martial arts for adults. Martial arts do not push you to work out and get fit. It can also teach you valuable life skills like discipline and humility.

Are you looking for a martial arts class to join? Want to start training and becoming a better version of yourself? Enrol with us today in martial arts Brisbane!